Reflecting on Disney's Purchase of Lucasfilm

Today has been a day of emotional turmoil for Star Wars fans. This morning the Star Wars story spanned only six feature films. This evening it is officially a nine-part saga - perhaps with many more instalments to come.

My initial reaction was anything but positive. I've spent the rest of today mulling over this news however, and you know what? I've decided to stay positive. My attitude towards Star Wars has always been the same: you're welcome to take what you want, and leave the rest. With a franchise this large there are always going to be some elements you don't agree with. The beauty of Star Wars is that you're not obliged to take it in its entirety.

After careful consideration I've decided that I should take this same line with today's news. I have the entire original saga sitting on my shelf back home in glorious Blu-Ray clarity and nothing is going to change that. If I don't like what Disney does, I'll still always have Star Wars the way it was. Maybe though - just maybe - Disney will do something truly fantastic with the franchise, providing us with more quality additions to the Star Wars universe.

For now, I'm staying cautiously optimistic.