Star Wars Niue Currency

Reel Collectibles is now taking pre-orders for the much-anticipated Star Wars Niue currency. While this isn't the sort of merchandise that I usually go for, I just couldn't turn down the opportunity to own a piece of real currency with Star Wars iconography on it. The coin sets are a little out of my price range, so for now I've just put an order in for one of the Darth Vader coins. I'll be sure to post images once the coin arrives. 

Return of the Blog

Yes, I've only posted once in the past couple of years, and yes, this blog never really got properly off the ground - but an increase in traffic has given me the motivation I need to get on here and get posting!

Expect to see lots of new content being added in the following weeks and months.

Relics of the Force Featured on Star Wars New Zealand

This week my collection was featured in the "Collector Spotlight" section of my veritable online home - StarWars New Zealand.

A huge thank you goes out to MattG at Star Wars New Zealand for giving me the chance to share my collection with fellow fans. You can see the full feature here!