Lego 30276 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Mini Building Set

One Lego mini building set I missed on its initial release was the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. In a stroke of luck, I came across a bunch of these sets on clearance at Target this week for only $1.98US ($2.89NZ).

Once again, Lego have hit the ball out of the park on this sculpt. The easily-recognisable silhouette of the TIE Fighter is there, while the cockpit antenna and addition of cogs to the wing struts clearly denote the features that distinguish the 'Special Forces' variant of the starfighter. I love the asymmetrical splash of red (also a signature of the SF TIE), and the printed cockpit window puts this leaps and bounds ahead of previous Lego mini versions of this ship. My only real citicism is in regards to the colouring. The wings of the SF TIE are supposed to be a stark white, while on this model, Lego have opted instead for a standard light grey. It's a minor innacuracy, but one that seems as though it could have been easily remedied.

All-in-all, this set will make a great companion to both the Lego mini Poe's X-Wing and Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle I've added to my collection over recent months.