Original Trilogy-Themed Socks

As an extra stocking-stuffer from my parents this Christmas, I received this incredibly cool pair of Original Trilogy-themed socks.

I've always struggled to find men's Star Wars socks. In fact, these are the first pairs I've ever owned! As such. they'll make a very welcome addition to my wardrobe.

Chewbacca Notebook

Another Christmas present I received from my parents this year was this delightfully weird Chewbacca notebook.

I'm currently in the process of carrying out a thorough inventory of my collection - so this notebook will be a perfect way of keeping track of that!

Star Wars Official 2019 Calendar

It wouldn't be a festive season without a new Star Wars calendar to help see in the New Year - and this Christmas, my parents surprised me with this very cool Original Trilogy-themed calendar for 2019!

Each month features a classic character or vehicle painted in a unique watercolour style. As always, there's a very nice 'centrefold' image in the middle, allowing the calendar to double as a poster once the year is up.

Merry Christmas from Relics of the Force!

It's Christmas Eve here in New Zealand - so Merry Christmas everyone! Here's hoping you all have a happy and safe holiday season filled with Star Wars goodies.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who's taken the time to visit and comment on this blog during 2017. Your support and kind words mean the world to me. May the Force be with you!

'Tis the Season for Star Wars!

There's no better way to celebrate the holiday season than by injecting a little Star Wars goodness into your celebrations. Since 1996, Hallmark has been helping us do this with a range of incredibly well-made and well-detailed Christmas "Keepsake" ornaments - many of which also feature sound effects and dialogue from the movies. We add a few more to our tree each year, and it's now looking ready for even the grandest Life Day celebration!

If you've got some festive Star Wars pictures you'd like to show off, be sure to share them with us via Facebook or Twitter, or by sending an email to relicsoftheforce@gmail.com.

Hallmark Keepsake Praetorian Guard and Rey Christmas Tree Ornaments

My fiancée and I both have birthdays in the first week of December, making us prime candidates to receive Hallmark Keepsake ornaments as gifts. This year was no different, and we added two new additions to our collection courtesy of my parents - the Praetorian Guard and Rey from The Last Jedi.

As we've come to expect with items from the Hallmark Keepsake line, the sculpt and paint apps on these figures is second to none. Best of all, the pair combine to form a very nice miniature diorama on the tree together.

I'm especially glad to have some more sequel trilogy representation on our tree. They'll go very nicely with our BB-8 and Poe's X-Wing!