Star Wars Rogue One Hasbro Product Packaging Unveiled

Earlier this month, gave us our first look at the packaging for the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story product line. Like earlier ranges, the packaging focuses on a single iconic character - in this case, the mysterious new black-armoured trooper seen in the recently released teaser trailer.

This design is another entry in Hasbro's long line of distinctive Star Wars product lines. It's great to see some old-school vehicles like the AT-AT featuring so prominently, and I particularly love the stark monochromatic colour scheme. Now we just have to wait until 30th September 2016 to see what goodies will be wrapped in this packaging!

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The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Steelbook

Last week, The Force Awakens had it's home theatre release here in New Zealand. Four different options were available in stores: Digital HD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and a Blu-Ray steelbook version exclusive to JB Hi-Fi. My parents kindly bought me a pre-order of the steelbook for Easter, and by last Wednesday I finally had my very own copy of the movie to take home!

The case is absolutely gorgeous. It features an image of Kylo Ren on the front cover, and Captain Phasma on the rear - both of which are embellished with reflective highlights courtesy of the steel case. The lining is also adorned with that infamous image of the Falcon from the first teaser trailer.

JB Hi-Fi went all out to celebrate the home video release of The Force Awakens. 

The steelbook version of The Force Awakens comes both a Digital HD version of the film, as well as two Blu-Ray discs. The first disc contains the feature film, while the second holds a swathe of special features. Among these is a fantastic hour-long behind-the-scenes documentary, as well as seven short featurettes focussing on different aspects of the film-making process (you can see a full list of these here). Also included are a handful of deleted scenes. They're short, but provide a fascinating insight into a few extra plot points that might have been.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer Released

As if the home video release of The Force Awakens hadn't made this week exciting enough for Star Wars fans, we've now also been surprised with the teaser trailer for the first Star Wars stand-alone film Rogue One. Check it out below!

While I'd been mildly excited for this film up until now, the teaser trailer has thrown me into full-blown anticipation mode. None of us really knew what to expect from these "Star Wars Story" films - but if this trailer is indication of what's in store, it seems we've got nothing to worry about. While The Force Awakens paid subtle homage to the original trilogy, Rogue One has utterly immersed itself in the world of those films. Everything is jarringly familiar: the costumes, the vehicles, the sets - even that familiar klaxon that blares throughout the second half of the trailer. If you're a dyed-in-the-wool devotee of the first three films, then this may very well be the new Star Wars movie you've been looking for.

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More Kinder Surprise Star Wars Character / Vehicle Toys

Back in February, I wrote about the new Kinder Surprise character / vehicle toys that were beginning to turn up in stores. Last weekend I received another three-pack from my partner's mum and her partner for Easter. This time around, I scored Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.

These characters come astride three iconic ships from A New Hope - the TIE Advanced, an X-Wing Fighter, and the Tantive IV. There's only nine characters in this set, so I'm pretty stoked that I've managed to get six unique characters from six eggs!