The Hunt Is On - The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Wave 15 Figures Found

Wave 15 saw the realistic 3 3/4" debut of two Clone Wars characters I'd been aching to add to my collection for many years: Fives and Hondo Ohnaka. I managed to secure both via an EB Games preorder for $29.00AU ($30.85NZ) and $25.00 ($26.60) respectively.

These are an absolutely phenomenal pair of figures - the release of which is perfectly timed, given that 2020 saw the climactic conclusion of the Clone Wars animated series. Donning his ARC getup, Fives comes with the standard super-articulation as well as a pivoting rangefinder. He's also replete with accessories: a removable helmet, removable pauldron, removable backpack, blaster, blaster rifle, and two blaster pistols. One thing that often bugs me about heavily accessorised figures is that I can't make full use of their equipment. Often they can only be displayed with one or two items, while the remainder get relegated to the bottom of a drawer. Not so with Fives. He's capable of donning his entire loadout (his blaster clipping into his backpack and his pistols slipping into working holsters) without look overencumbered. It's enormously satisfying.

Hondo, on the other hand, comes with nothing more than a single blaster pistol. But the phenomenal sculpt and paint app more than make up for this. While technically donning his Galaxy's Edge attire, Hondo can just as easily be used to flesh out a realistic Clone Wars display - which is precisely what I have in mind for him. My only real disappointment is with the frustratingly neutral expression on his face. It lacks the trademark cunning and charisma of this character. Sculpting him with a broad, charming grin (and, perhaps, including his pet Kowakian monkey-lizard) would have made this otherwise great figure absolutely perfect.