My Stormtrooper Armour

I first saw Star Wars when I was nine years old. As I watched that opening scene - stormtroopers blasting their way onto the Tantive IV - I was filled with an all-consuming desire: I had to have one of those suits of armour. In 2012 that dream became a reality as I began work on my very own suit of stormtrooper armour. You can follow the project from start to finish by checking out The Birth of a Trooper feature.

This all began with the eFX Empire Strikes Back Stormtrooper helmet I was given by my parents as a college graduation gift in 2010. One component - the blaster rifle - is much older than that, however. It's actually a Power of the Force 2 electronic blaster that my Grandmother gave me all the way back in 1998 -  now repainted and customised with a resin kit from DoopyDoos.

Getting the rest of the suit together was far from a one-man project, and there are a number of individuals to whom I owe my gratitude. First up is Jon - who provided me with an amazing suit of Oota Goota Armour. If you're looking to build your own suit, I can't recommend his work highly enough. Be sure to drop him a line over at the SWNZ Message Boards (user name OotaGoota). Next up is Freddy, who supplied the awesome belt and leather holster. His workmanship is impeccable, and again highly recommended. You can find him on the SWNZ Message Boards as well (user name Fredstar). A huge thank you also goes to MattG from those same boards, who donated a spare pair of ESB handplates. The suit also turned into something of a family affair - my mum allowing me to make full use of her sewing skills, and my dad providing helpful advice right throughout the build process (including a suggestion for the webbing that saved me dozens of man-hours). They're also the pair behind the awesome photos posted above, and in The Birth of a Trooper feature.

A final thanks goes to everyone else over at the SWNZ Message Boards for their comments, suggestions, and encouragement throughout the build. I never would have had the motivation to complete such a huge project without all of your support!

If you have any questions about this project - or if you'd like some advice on getting your own suit of stormtrooper armour together - be sure to contact me at