Stormtrooper Pez Dispenser

Another Christmas present from my partner was this awesome Stormtrooper Pez dispenser.

This'll go great with my growing collection of Star Wars-themed Pez dispensers - including Chewbacca, Darth Sidious, and the Darth Vader I picked up a short while ago.

Star Wars Belt

I received some fantastic Star Wars-themed gifts this holiday season, first of which is this amazing belt from my partner.

It wasn't long ago that Star Wars clothing was extremely hard to come by in New Zealand. In recent years, however, there's been an explosion of fantastic items like this. This is the first Star Wars belt I've owned, and it goes without saying that it'll be getting a lot of wear!

Darth Vader vs. Santa Claus

Every now and then a reader will send me something that I just have to share. A short while ago, Loris from Italy did exactly this. He's part of the D-UNIT Stunt YouTube channel, and to celebrate the festive season they've put out an incredibly polished (and hilarious) video entitled "Darth Vader vs. Santa Claus". Check it out below!

D-UNIT Stunt have a bunch of great videos, so be sure to visit their channel and give them a follow. A huge thank you also goes to Loris for sending this through!

Mission Series 3 3/4" MS 07 Death Star Han Solo and Chewbacca

This year I took part in the New Zealand Post Twitter Secret Santa. The mandate was simple: spend around $10.00 on a Christmas present for a random Twitter user, and in turn you would receive a gift from another anonymous individual. Mine arrived a couple of days ago, and my thoughtful Secret Santa (whoever he or she might be) surprised me with this awesome Mission Series MS 07 Death Star Han Solo and Chewbacca!

It's a great set, featuring two of our favourite heroes from the original saga. I must say, I'm continuing to be surprised by the high quality of the sculpts on these five-points-of-articulation figures. Chewie's bowcaster is particularly detailed - the stock, bow, and sight all disassembling for easy transportation.

If my Secret Santa happens to be reading this, then thank you so much for my amazing gift!

Darth Vader Pez Dispenser

During my recent travels i found a Darth Vader Pez dispenser being sold on the Dover to Calais Ferry for £3.95 ($NZ8.05). This is an item that falls outside of my usual collecting focus, but ever since seeing Fanboys I've found Star Wars-themed Pez dispensers incredibly cool.

For some reason, they're also an item that's incredibly difficult to come across in New Zealand - so it's always hard to resist the temptation to purchase any I do find!

Disney A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back Figurine Playsets

I recently spent some time abroad, and while travelling through London I managed to track down a Disney store and pick up two of their new figurine playsets - those from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Unfortunately they'd sold out of the Return of the Jedi packs, so I'll soon be hunting for one of these to complete the set!

These packs retailed for £12.50 ($25.23NZ), making them an incredibly affordable way to build up a nice collection of well-detailed characters. The figures lack articulation, but their dynamic poses more than make up for this. Each figure is also mounted on a black display base - perfect for diorama building!

Vintage Poster 13 Coaster Set

Another birthday present - this time from my parents - was this tin of thirteen vintage poster coasters.

The graphics are fantastic, and draw on designs from around the world. The coasters themselves are completed with a matte finish that makes them well-suited as mini-artworks in their own right.

The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and was lucky enough to receive a copy of Stephen Sansweet's The Ultimate Action Figure Collection from my partner.

Written by the owner of the world's largest Star Wars collection, the book features photographs and details of every Star Wars figure every released at the time of publication. It's a sizable tome, and a must-have for anyone in the hobby.

The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Released

Yes, this is now incredibly old news - but the biggest Episode VII announcements always seem to be made while I'm travelling! For those of you that might have missed it (which, lets be honest, should be absolutely no-one) the official teaser trailer for The Force Awakens was released on November 27th. You can watch it below:

Since the release, Lucasfilm has also attached names to the characters we see in the trailer. John Boyega's stormtrooper armoured figure is called "Finn", the adorable ball droid is "BB-8", Daisy Ridley's speederbike rider is "Rey", Oscar Isaac's X-Wing pilot is "Poe Dameron", and the mysterious cloaked figure in the forest is "Kylo Ren". Andy Serkis has also been confirmed as having provided the voiceover.

Insofar as teaser trailers go, this was absolutely perfect. We saw just enough of the action to get some sense of the the pensive atmosphere of The Force Awakens, but not so much as to begin ruining plot points of the movie. The decision to focus on the new cast - leaving out the old guard - was also an excellent one. It's these characters who will be leading us into the new trilogy (and perhaps even beyond), so it's only right that they're the central focus of the marketing.

I absolutely adored this trailer. There's something about the camera-work that makes this feel far more like Star Wars than anything we saw in the prequel trilogy. There's also the perfect blend of the new and old. It's clear that there are a number of exciting new elements about to be introduced to the Star Wars universe, but they all feel solidly grounded in what's come before. And lets be honest - whose eyes didn't get a little watery when the Falcon blasted onto the screen accompanied by the Star Wars fanfare?

What are your thoughts on the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens? Be sure to email them to, or send me a tweet at @Archon_Revuge!

Star Wars Episode VII Title Confirmed - "The Force Awakens"

Well, we finally have it folks - the official title for Star Wars Episode VII is "The Force Awakens".

I, for one, dig this title - but what are your thoughts? Be sure to send them to me at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

Star Wars Rebels Arrives

Last weekend the first episode of Star Wars Rebels "Spark of Rebellion" premiered on Disney XD. Like a lot of fans, I'd been buzzing with excitement about this series for some months. I absolutely adored The Clone Wars, and was curious to see what that same team would be able to do with this new - and relatively untouched - era of the saga.

(Image courtesy of

Fortunately, Dave Filoni and the incredible cast and crew behind Rebels didn't disappoint. After seeing the extended preview back in August, I commented that it looked like "the 'Wars that we all grew up with and fell in love with". Last weekend's episode truly lived up to this sentiment. The plot, the pacing, the banter, and the score - they all hearkened back to what makes this saga truly amazing.

Rebels is an incredibly fitting follow-on from The Clone Wars, but it's also a very different show in so many ways. Gone are the sprawling vistas, grand armies, and political machinations. Rebels is a far more intimate show than its predecessor - and this is where it triumphs. The almost claustrophobic space in which the action takes place gives the characters a real chance to shine. There's an instant attachment - and investment - to be found in every one of the ensemble cast. While Rebels still has a long way to go to match The Clone Wars in its final few seasons, it already shows an enormous amount of promise.

If you're looking for a Star Wars fix to hold you over until next December, then this is exactly what you're after. Episode 2 of Rebels airs this weekend, and is also currently available as a free download in the iTunes store.

October 2014 "Wretched Hive" SWNZ Wellington Meet-Up

The Auckland members of the SWNZ Message Boards have been holding some fantastic meet-ups over recent months, and after a little research I've discovered that there's a strong demand for something similar to be held down this end of the island. In light of this, I'm incredibly excited to announce the very first "Wretched Hive" SWNZ Wellington Meet-Up!

This first meet-up will be held at 5.00pm on Saturday October 11th. It'll be a fairly laid-back event at a bar/restaurant in the Wellington CBD. Despite the allusions to scum and villainy, we've decided on a venue that's very family-friendly, so kids and significant others will be very welcome!

If you're interested in attending, be sure to send me (Archon Revuge) a PM on the SWNZ Message Boards, or email me at for full details of the venue. I hope to see you there!

The Black Series 3 3/4" #21 Luke Skywalker and #22 Yoda

I'm always looking to plug gaps in my collection of 3 3/4" figures. Two figures I've always been without are a Dagobah Luke and Yoda. Fortunately, the latest wave of The Black Series features exactly these with #21 Luke Skywalker and #22 Yoda.

These two figures make a great pair - a special thanks goes to stylie_steve over at the SWNZ Message Boards for hooking me up with them!

Ambush at Corellia Paperback and The Illustrated Star Wars Universe

A couple of weeks ago the Wellington Downtown Community Ministry held their annual bookfair. It's always a great chance to pick up some cheap reads, and hopefully add a couple of items to my collection. This year I lucked out, coming across a copy of Edgar Macbride Allen's Ambush at Corellia and Kevin J. Anderson's Illustrated Star Wars Universe.

The latter is a particularly nice find. Anderson's book is written around a stunning collection of Ralph Macquarrie's concept artwork for the original Star Wars Trilogy. I missed this one when it was first released, and I'd been hoping to come across a copy for some time now!

A Dark Force Rising in Star Wars Fandom

It’s an incredible time to be a Star Wars fan. The internet is filled with news and rumours about the many releases Disney has in store for us, and the fan community is thriving like never before.

(Image courtesy of

Sadly, amid all of this, there's a dark force rising. One of the most important features of the internet is the fact that it affords everyone a voice, but there are times when some voices become needlessly negative and—ultimately—toxic. I’ve recently witnessed some troubling examples of this within the Star Wars fan community, and felt it was time to break from my usually neutral posts to say something about it. After some careful consideration, I've found that everything really boils down to three main things that we as fans need to keep in mind:

1. If you love Star Wars, then you’re a Star Wars fan. It’s that simple. Star Wars fandom isn’t an exclusive club. There’s no entrance exam, and there’s no required knowledge. You don’t need to have read every Star Wars book, or played every Star Wars game. There’s no such thing as a “true fan”, and pretending that there is only serves to harbour divisions in the fan community. 
2. We can't judge something we haven't even seen. In recent weeks we’ve been seeing a lot of rumours about what might or might not appear in Episode VII. Most fans have met these with curiosity and excitement, but some have responded with scathing criticism—already writing off the film as doomed to failure. This isn’t fair. I’ve said before that there’s every reason to have hope in Episode VII, and I stand by that position. At the very least, we owe it to the cast and crew of the film to wait until 18 December 2015 before we even consider passing judgement on it. 
3. Whatever happens, “your” Star Wars will remain intact. One of my favourite things about the Star Wars universe is the fact that you’re always free to take what you want, and leave what you don’t. If you don't enjoy Episode VII, then that isn’t a problem—you’ll always have the original six films (or original three, as the case may be). If Star Wars: Rebels doesn’t float your star cruiser, then you’re under no obligation to continue watching. The important thing to remember is that for some—or, hopefully, for many—these new additions will become as important as the classic films that we’ve all grown up with. While we might not like a particular entry in the saga, there will always be fans out there who genuinely enjoy and treasure it. Respecting that fact is what genuine fandom is all about.
Ultimately, we need to remember that we're all here for the very same reason: a shared love of that galaxy far, far away. So long as we keep that in mind, and meet our fellow fans with kindness, the Star Wars community will continue to be as incredible as it's always been.

Relics of the Force Featured on

Today, my collection was included in the's Collectors' Collections - on ongoing feature highlighting Star Wars collections from around the world.

A huge thank you goes out to the team at for giving me the chance to share my collection with fellow fans. You can check out the full feature here!

Star Wars Rebels Extended Preview Released has released an extended preview of Star Wars Rebels, featuring over seven minutes of footage from the very first episode of the series. You can check it out below:

To my mind, this excerpt is nothing short of phenomenal. The look and feel of the show is spot-on, and it's hard to recall something which has so successfully caught the spirit of Star Wars since the last of the Original Trilogy films was released. This is the 'Wars that we all grew up with and fell in love with. I can't describe how excited I am to see where this series takes us.

What's your take on this preview? Be sure to send me your thoughts at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

A New Hope for Star Wars Vehicles at SDCC 2014?

While the characters of Star Wars are incredibly important, the vehicles of the saga have a special place in the hearts of fans and collectors alike. In the mid- to late-90s there were a number of lines offering up Star Wars vehicles in various scales. Over the years, however, things changed. First we lost Micro Machines, then Action Fleet, then finally the Titanium Series. For a while now, the only stalwart production of Star Wars vehicles has been in the 3 3/4" line—though even the release of these is sporadic. Last month, however, we received word that Hot Wheels and Star Wars would soon be joining forces to release an entirely new range of vehicles. One line will include themed “character cars” (the first of which can be seen here). The second - and far more interesting - line, will contain a series of miniature ships with display stands. This year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego saw a lot of buzz around the former. Unfortunately, the latter line received far less coverage. The internet is a wonderful place however, and thanks to the fine folks at we’re now able to get our first look at this exciting new line.

(Images courtesy of

The vehicles aren’t set to ship until Spring 2015, so the range on display at SDCC was understandably limited. Among those vehicles featured were a handful of X-Wings, TIE Fighters, Snowspeeders, an AT-AT, and the Millennium Falcon. The sculpts appear incredibly close to those from the now defunct Titanium Series line, so the glimpse of an entirely new vehicle—the Ghost from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels television series—will be the most exciting reveal for those looking to expand their miniature Star Wars vehicle collections.

Overall, this new line looks incredibly promising. The sculpts appear to be screen-accurate and incredibly well-detailed—something that can be difficult to pull off at this very small scale. The addition of a range of playsets and carry cases for these vehicles is also very exciting. For now, the only downside is the way in which the vehicles are painted. They’re simply too pristine. Compare these with the paintjobs on the Titanium Series vehicles, which always excellently emulated that “used universe” feel of Star Wars by being dirty and battle-damaged. It’s not something that’s worth dwelling on however, as there’s every chance that the paintjobs on display at SDCC are by no means indicative of the final product.

What's your impression of these new vehicles? Be sure to send me your thoughts at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

New Star Wars Rebels Footage Shown at SDCC

The "Heroes of Star Wars Rebels" panel at SDCC has just wrapped up with some fantastic new footage from the show. You can check it out below:

Fans of The Clone Wars will be happy to see Luminara Unduli making an appearance, as well as our favourite pair of intrepid droids.

Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer Released

Yesterday, released a new extended trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels series. If I'm being honest, I still had a few lingering doubts about Rebels. But all of those disappeared as soon as I saw this. The trailer is absolutely incredible. But don't take my word for it - check it out for yourselves below:

I'm eager to hear what others think of this footage, so be sure to send me your thoughts at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

"Force for Change" Video Gives Us Another Glimpse Inside Episode VII

It's the final week of the Force for Change campaign, and J.J. Abrams is wrapping things up with another video giving us a glimpse of Episode VII. This time, we get to see an entirely new - but rather familiar - ship that'll be featured in the film. Check it out below!

If you haven't already, be sure to head on over to the Force for Change website and contribute to this fantastic cause. There are some great rewards on offer, including the chance to be in Star Wars: Episode VII!

Your Guide to Star Wars at SDCC 2014

This week, Comic-Con International: San Diego rolls around for another year. SDCC usually brings a raft of announcements regarding our favourite franchise, as well as giving toy companies like Hasbro an opportunity to show off their latest wares. This year’s convention is no exception, with a number of highly-anticipated Star Wars-themed events taking place. Sites like and will be keeping fans posted throughout the four-day event, and below you’ll find a guide for when these updates are likely to start trickling through. All event descriptions are taken from the official SDCC webpage, and times and dates have been converted to New Zealand local time.

The Heroes of Star Wars Rebels [Friday, July 25, 1.00pm – 2.00pm]: The almost 20-year stretch of Star Wars history between Episodes III and IV is a dark time in the galaxy that has never before been explored on screen. The evil Galactic Empire has tightened its grip and only a select few are brave enough to stand against tyranny and ignite a rebellion. Join Star Wars Rebels executive producers Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg as well as series stars Freddie Prinze, Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Tiya Sircar, and Taylor Gray for an exclusive preview of what's to come this Fall on Disney XD in this eagerly awaited television series from Lucasfilm Animation.

Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy [Saturday, July 26, 6.00am – 7.00am]: For the first time, Lucasfilm has opened its Archives to present comprehensive storyboards for the original Star Wars trilogy-the world-changing A New Hope and its operatic sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi—as well as never-before-published art from early conceptual and deleted scenes, in a new book from Abrams: Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy. Former ILM art director Joe Johnston will discuss the newest addition to the Abrams Star Wars Library and the singular experience of creating the iconic trilogy's storyboards with his stellar art department team. Johnston won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on Raiders of the Lost Ark and has directed Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Rocketeer, Jumanji, Jurassic Park III, Hidalgo, and Captain America: The First Avenger. Moderated by Lucasfilm editor J. W. Rinzler.

Hasbro: Star Wars [Saturday, July 26, 7.00am – 8.00am]: Members of the Hasbro brand and design team including Jeff Labovitz (director, global brand marketing, Hasbro), Bill Rawley (design manager, Hasbro), and others discuss the popular Hasbro Star Wars line. Attendees will also get a sneak peek at upcoming, never-before-seen action figures from the highly anticipated Star Wars Rebels animated series.

Star Wars: Collectibles Update [Saturday, July 26, 8.00am – 9.00am]: Join eFX, Gentle Giant Studios, Kotobukiya, and Sideshow Collectibles for product development insights and exclusive previews of the latest in Star Wars collectibles. Moderated by Anita Castellar of Lucas Licensing.

Star Wars: A New Dawn [Saturday, July 26, 9.00am – 10.00am]: The new era of Star Wars storytelling begins in September with Star Wars: A New Dawn. New York Times bestselling author John Jackson Miller, Shelly Shapiro (editor, Del Rey), Frank Parisi (editor, Del Rey), Jennifer Heddle (senior editor, Lucasfilm), Pablo Hidalgo (Lucasfilm Story Group), Vanessa Marshall (Hera in Star Wars Rebels), and Dave Filoni (executive producer, Star Wars Rebels) discuss the planning and process of Star Wars: A New Dawn and present the list of upcoming Star Wars novels from Del Rey.

Star Wars: The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight [Saturday, July 26, 10.00am – 11.00am]: Ralph McQuarrie's art for the original Star Wars trilogy is introduced to a new generation of young readers in Star Wars: The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. New York Times bestselling author Tony DiTerlizzi a talks about the conceptualization of this project and the process, challenges, and privileges of writing to the works of a legend; along with Troy Alders (art director, Lucasfilm), J. W. Rinzler (executive editor, Lucasfilm), and Joanne Chan (children's book editor, Lucasfilm).

First Look at Rebels Villains

Over the last week, has posted two new videos that give us some insight into the central villains of Star Wars Rebels: The Inquisitor and Agent Kallus.

Both of these characters seem heavily inspired by the original films, and I for one couldn't be happier. It's going to be fantastic to finally catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the Empire - particularly as they go about tracking down and destroying the remaining Jedi.

What are your thoughts on these Rebels villains? Be sure to send me your thoughts at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

Pip Andersen and Crystal Clarke to Join Cast of Episode VII

This morning announced two further additions to the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII - Pip Andersen and Crystal Clarke.

(Image courtesy of

Both are relative unknowns in the film industry, and were discovered via Lucasfilm and Disney's open casting call last year. Andersen is a particularly gifted parkour practitioner - something which is bound to get speculation going with regards to the character he'll be playing.

Bulk Lot of Episode I 3 3/4" Figures

A short while ago I won an auction on Trade Me for a bulk lot of Episode I figures. They arrived in the post while I was down in Wellington last week, and now I'm back home I've had the chance to unpack and sort through them. I must say, I'm absolutely rapt with this purchase.

Other than a couple of army-building double-ups, these figures are entirely new to my collection. They're all complete and in fantastic condition. Its clear that the previous owner took a great deal of care with these figures, so I look forward to doing the same!

A Changing Universe

If you’re a fan of the saga, you’ve no doubt been asked the same question many times before: “Why do you like Star Wars so much?” It’s a hard question, and it’s harder still to give an answer that does justice to the deep and abiding love that many of us have for the franchise. Sure, Star Wars contains some of the most well-made films in cinema history. There’s a fantastic plot, relatable characters, spectacular effects, and a magical quality that catches the imaginations of young and old alike. But for me, it’s always been about more than the films. The most ambitious thing that Star Wars ever did was to go about creating an entirely new universe.

That’s why I stubbornly stick to the view that Lucas’s creation is more fantasy than sci-fi. In many ways, Star Wars has far more in common with The Lord of the Rings than it does with, say, Star Trek. Most sci-fi franchises build upon the familiar. Star Wars, on the other hand, starts from scratch. Nothing is taken for granted. Every world, every species, every artifact and device is in need of explanation, and it was this grand endeavour that pulled me in hook, line, and sinker.

While the announcement that Disney would be producing episodes VII, VIII, and IX brought much excitement, it also cast doubt on what this would mean for the “Expanded Universe” of Star Wars novels, comics, and games. A few weeks ago, Disney made its intentions clear. In an announcement posted on they unequivocally stated that episodes VII through IX would not follow the same story as the post-Return of the Jedi EU. From this point on, only episodes I through VI, and The Clone Wars and Rebels series were to be considered official canon. All other Star Wars stories of the last thirty-seven years would now come under the (non-canon) “Legends” banner.

I decided to give it a few weeks before I wrote up my own thoughts on this announcement. Like many fans, my initial response was one of disappointment. I had grown up with the stories and characters of the EU, and they now formed an important part of my love for the franchise. I didn’t want to lose them. With time and consideration, however, I’ve come to see the necessity of Disney’s move. It’s clear that the new Star Wars instalments need to be consistent with the existing film and television releases in the franchise. Beyond that, however, it’s understandable that Disney wants to give the maximum amount of creative freedom to its writers by starting with a clean slate. Officially announcing that these new tales will in no way be restricted by existing EU material is the only way of doing this.

It may even be that, for fans, this is the best thing we could have hoped for. While the universe might be changing, nothing is really lost. We’ve always been free to pick and choose which parts of the franchise comprise our own Star Wars universe. For some, this consists purely of the original three unaltered films. For others (like myself), this extends far further. The Legends will live on, and the new theatrical releases will simply give us another take on what might have happened to those heroes in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe the theatrical post-RotJ story will be better than that of Legends. Or maybe it won’t. It’ll be up to each of us to decide—for each of us to build our own universe.

Shadows of the Empire 3 3/4" Dash Rendar

It's been eighteen years since the release of Shadows of the Empire, and somehow I've managed to go that entire time without adding a Dash Rendar figure to my collection. Fortunately, that changed yesterday when my latest Trade Me auction win turned up in the post.

After the Thrawn Trilogy, Shadows of the Empire is one of my favourite entries in the (now "Legends") Expanded Universe. I've added the full line of SotE Micro Machines and Action Fleet vehicles to my collection over the years, but it's great to finally have a Dash to join my other 3 3/4" figures. Fortunately he only set me back $10.00, a nice price given how rarely he pops up on the second-hand market!

Relics of the Force on Far, Far Away Radio

If you haven't been listening to Far, Far Away Radio (FFAR), then you've been missing out on some of the best Star Wars podcasting out there. Each week Andrew, Austin, Chris, Jason, Mallory, and Meg take an entertaining look at the latest updates on the future of Star Wars, sharing their own thoughts and insights (and the occasional Toydarian impression) along the way. FFAR was kind enough to include a plug for Relics of the Force during their first episode, and on this week's show you might just hear them talking about a picture I recently shared on Twitter...

FFAR has truly put together a spectacular team of hosts. They're passionate, engaging, and - most importantly - incredibly fun to listen to. I can guarantee that their show will quickly become the highlight of your Star Wars week. Their podcast is completely free and available to download on a number of different platforms, so be sure to head on over to their site to check it out!

Josh Trank to Direct Second Star Wars Spin-Off Film today announced that Chronicle director Josh Trank will be directing the second Star Wars spin-off film.
(Image courtesy of

We're yet to hear any official word on what the focus of this or the first spin-off film will be - but given the amount of Star Wars news we're now receiving on a daily basis, we shouldn't have to wait long for details.

Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie to Join Cast of Episode VII

This morning announced two further additions to the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII - Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave) and Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones).

(Image courtesy of

This announcement should soothe some of the concerns about the lack of female characters in the first casting announcement. Both Nyong'o and Christie have fantastic credentials, and will no doubt make excellent additions to the Star Wars universe.

The Clone Wars Photo Frame

After several days down in Wellington, I'm now back home for a few weeks. While I was out of town, my mum came across this cool The Clone Wars photo frame at our local $2 Shop.

I've got a photo of myself and Ray Park (Darth Maul) that will be perfect for this!

Specter of the Past and Vision of the Future Paperbacks

When I was last in Wellington I picked up a couple of Star Wars novels that really should have been added to my collection a long time ago - Timothy Zahn's Specter of the Past and Vision of the Future for $12.00 each.

It's no secret that Zahn's other Star Wars novels (particularly the Thrawn Trilogy) are some of my favourite in the Star Wars EU. These two novels - known as the "Hand of Thrawn Duology" - feature many of the same characters as the Thrawn Trilogy, so I can't wait to get started on them!

Gareth Edwards to Direct First Star Wars Spin-Off Film today announced that Godzilla director Gareth Edwards will be directing the first Star Wars spin-off film set for release on December 16th 2016.

(Image courtesy of

Gary Whitta, the writer of After Earth and The Book of Eli, has also signed on to provide the screenplay. There's no hint yet as to what the focus of the film will be, but more details are sure to follow soon. Stay tuned for updates!

"Force for Change" Video Gives First Glimpse of Episode VII Set

Just over an hour ago posted a video announcing the new charitable initiative "Star Wars: Force for Change" - a collaboration between Disney, Lucasfilm, and Bad Robot. To kick off the project, Force for Change is looking to raise funds for the UNICEF Innovation Labs by offering fans the chance to be in Star Wars Episode VII. As if that wasn't exciting enough, the video also gives us our first official glimpse of one of the sets of the film.

The creature we see part way through the video is certainly new, but one thing is for sure - that looks a hell of a lot like a Tatooine marketplace!

The Birth of a Trooper - A Trrooper is Born!

With the addition of the thermal detonator, my suit of The Empire Strikes Back stormtrooper armour is now complete! You can check out a permanent gallery of images on the Stormtrooper Armour page, and follow the project from start to finish by checking out the Birth of a Trooper feature.

This hasn't been a one-man project, and it seems only apt to take this opportunity to thank everyone else involved. First up is Jon - who provided me with an amazing suit of Oota Goota Armour, thereby making a childhood dream come true. If you're looking to build your own suit, I can't recommend his work highly enough. Be sure to drop him (user name OotaGoota) a line over at the SWNZ Message Boards. Next up is Freddy, who supplied the awesome belt and leather holster. His workmanship is impeccable, and again highly recommended. You can find him on the SWNZ Message Boards as well (user name Fredstar). A huge thank you also goes to Matt, who donated a spare pair of ESB handplates.

The suit has turned into something of a family affair - my mum allowing me to make full use of her sewing skills, and my dad providing helpful advice right throughout the build process (including a suggestion for the webbing that saved me dozens of man-hours). They're also the pair behind all of the awesome work-in-progress photos you've been seeing over these last few months.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone else over at the SWNZ Message Boards for your comments, suggestions, and encouragement throughout the build. I never would have had the motivation to complete such a huge project without all of your support!

The Birth of a Trooper - Thermal Detonator

This week I've been tinkering away on the final piece of my stormtrooper armour - the thermal detonator. The reason this part has taken so long is due to the difficulty I had finding a piece of PVC pipe with the right diameter. My local hardware stores weren't able to help, but fortunately MattG over at Star Wars New Zealand had an extra piece lying around that he generously sent through to me.

Another difficulty was working out the simplest way to obtain some metal clips for affixing the detonator to the belt. Matt came to the rescue again, suggesting I pick up some cheap tape measures and pilfer the belt clips from those. With all of the parts in hand, I was finally ready to make a start. The first job was to cut the PVC pipe to length and drill holes for the belt clips. Then it was time to give the PVC pipe a couple of coats of paint - the same grey colour as the buttons on the abdomen of the suit.

Once that was done, it was just a matter of screwing on the belt clips and gluing on the control panel and end caps using some good old E6000 glue.

With the thermal detonator finished, my suit of stormtrooper armour is now (finally!) complete. Be sure to keep an eye on the Stormtrooper Armour section of this blog for a new round of armour photos soon!

Vintage Collection 3 3/4" VC98 Grand Moff Tarkin and VC100 Starkiller (Vader's Apprentice)

On Monday I dropped into my local Toyworld store and discovered that they were getting rid of their old Vintage Collection figures at a ridiculously cheap price. Normally selling for $24.99 each, these figures were now two for $12.99. Most were peg-warmers, but among the mix I managed to find a Grand Moff Tarkin and - most surprisingly of all - a lone Starkiller.

I'm particularly excited about the Starkiller figure. He made it on to my Hunt List some time ago, but - given his rarity, and the exorbitant price he was demanding on the second-hand market - I soon resigned myself to going without. It's nice to finally have one to add to my collection!

Saga Legends 3 3/4" SL08 Shock Trooper

A few weeks ago my mum came across this Saga Legends Shock Trooper reduced from $19.99 to $5.00 on account of his damaged packaging.

As a habitual opener, this damage certainly didn't bother me. This is also the first five-points-of-articulation figure to be added to my collection, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at the detailing. He'll make a great addition to my Order 66 display!

The Birth of a Trooper - Mobile Trooper

With my Stormtrooper armour now largely complete (apart from the thermal detonator - stay tuned for an update on that soon), my attention's now turned to finding a way of getting the suit from A to B. While I was in the US I picked up an awesome helmet bag from For the rest of the armour, I'll be using a white plastic storage tub I picked up for $25.00 from my local Warehouse store. I've added a couple of black Imperial cog decals to it (also from Trooperbay), so it's now looking suitably Imperial.

Together, the bag and tub will give me an easy (and relatively cheap) way of getting my armour to and from troops. They don't look too bad either!

Star Wars Rebels Trailer Released

A couple of days ago, released the first official trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels series.

The more I see of this series, the more excited I get. As I've mentioned before, this is largely due to the strong cues Rebels is taking from the aesthetics of the Original Trilogy and the concept artwork of Ralph McQuarrie. By the looks of this trailer, the series will also be hearkening back to some of the central themes of the classic films. I, for one, can't wait to see more!

What are your thoughts on the first Rebels trailer? Be sure to send me your thoughts at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

Star Wars Episode VII Cast Announced

So I get on a plane for thirteen hours and happen to miss the biggest Episode VII that's yet to be released. On the 29th April posted an announcement of the cast for the next installment in the Star Wars saga along with this incredible image.

(Image courtesy of

Yes, that's Mark Hamill (Luke Sywalker), Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) hanging out with Writer/Director/Producer J.J. Abrams, Lucasfilm President and Producer Kathleen Kennedy, and Producer Bryan Burk. Also announced as returning - but not in the above picture - is Kenny Baker (R2-D2). These familiar faces will be joined by new cast members John Boyega, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, Andy Serkis, and Max von Sydow.

As far as casting announcements go, this couldn't have been better. It's fantastic to see almost the entire original cast returning (with the notable omission of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian) along with a group of fresh new faces that will hopefully continue the franchise long into the future.

What are your thoughts on the Episode VII casting announcement? Be sure to send them to me at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

Star Wars Rebels Update from WonderCon 2014

Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni appeared at WonderCon today along with Vanessa Marshall (the voice of Hera) to give us the latest on the upcoming series. One of the biggest pieces of news from the panel was the announcement that Kevin Kiner - the man behind the incredible music of The Clone Wars - will be returning to score Rebels. A behind-the-scenes featurette with Kiner has now been posted on the official Star Wars Blog along with a number of new concept drawings that Filoni shared with the audience. There's also a new exclusive clip of Hera and Chopper in action!

The Original Trilogy styling of this clip has me more excited than ever for the Rebels series. The show really looks to be returning to the roots of Star Wars - something which is sure to make many fans happy!

What are your thoughts on the latest Rebels news from WonderCon? Be sure to email them to me at or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

Send Us Your Feedback on Relics of the Force

Over the next month I'll be wrapping up the coursework part of my studies here in the US. After that, I'll be hitting the hyperspace lanes and making a more permanent move back to New Zealand. While all this is going on you'll probably notice a little less content being posted on this blog - but never fear, the regular updates will soon return!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your feedback on the direction that Relics of the Force is taking. I originally started this blog as a way of showcasing my collection, and sharing my latest finds. Over time, however, I've begun to branch out - posting the occasional opinion piece as well as updates on big announcements in the world of Star Wars. I've recently updated the My Collection page to include a full set of a high-resolution images, and there's now a online store featuring Relics of the Force merchandise.

So far, I've refrained from posting full reviews or image galleries of my Star Wars finds, as the awesome folks over are already doing a superb job of this. I have, however, been toying around with the idea of putting together some video reviews - particularly of items that were in stores when I first started collecting back in the 90s.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see more of on this site? What would you like to see less of? Be sure to send me your feedback at or tweet it to @Archon_Revuge!

First Details of Episode VII Announced

Today, released the first details of what we can expect from Star Wars: Episode VII, including the time and location of shooting, and some hints as to the setting and cast of the film.

The film will begin filming this May at Pinewood Studios in London. Even more interesting, however, is the following comment:
"It has also been confirmed that Star Wars: Episode VII is set about 30 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, and will star a trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces."
This will put Episode VII somewhere during the New Jedi Order era - but it's important to note that this means little for what we can expect to see in the film, as there's nothing tying producers to the existing EU canon. One thing's for sure though, it looks like we'll definitely be seeing some of our favourite characters returning from the original films!

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Be sure to send them to or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

Far Far Away Radio's Charity Auction in Memory of Aaron Allston

The following release comes courtesy of Austin Blankenship over at our affiliate site Far Far Away Radio:
On February 27th, 2014, New York Times bestselling author Aaron Allston passed away at age 53. The cause of death has been reported as a massive heart failure. 
In 2009, Mr. Allston had a heart attack and underwent emergency quadruple bypass surgery. He was able to successfully return to writing, penning the 2010 Star Wars novel, Fate of the Jedi: Backlash. The dedication in Backlash reads: "To everyone in 2009 who helped me get through a very hard time." 
Far Far Away Radio, a Star Wars fansite, is hosting an auction in honor of Aaron Allston. This auction is for a 1st edition copy of Fate of the Jedi: Backlash, signed by Aaron Allston in 2010 at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida. The copy is in mint-condition and has never been read.
100% of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to the American Heart Association, to further cardiovascular research in memory of Mr. Allston. A donation to the American Heart Association can make an immediate impact. According to the AHA website, donating will allow you to join "in the fight against our nation’s No. 1 and No. 4 killers – heart disease and stroke. Your donation will support such life-saving efforts as research, education, advocating for better health, improving patient care and reaching populations at risk." 
This is an opportunity to further Mr. Allston's legacy of kindness by reaching out to the countless others who need help getting through hard times of their own.
Bidding will officially close on March 21, 2014 at 13:56:33 PDT. 
More information here. 
You can view the auction here.
Allston made a number of fantastic contributions to the Star Wars Expanded Universe (X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar remains one of the funniest books I've ever had the joy of reading.). This is an incredibly worthy cause, not to mention a great chance to add a brilliant piece of Star Wars memorabilia to your collection. Do take the time to head on over to the auction, and place your bid.

WeLoveFine Battle of Hoth T-Shirt

Yesterday I had another amazing t-shirt arrive from the fine folks over at WeLoveFine (see what I did there?) This one's in the same vein as the Battle of Endor veteran's t-shirt I picked up last year, but instead celebrating the brave Rebel souls who fought on Hoth.

If you want to rock this awesome design, you can pick up your own for $25.00US ($29.48NZ). WeLoveFine have a number of other great Star Wars items too!

Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Last week, the awesome people over at Houston bookoo sent me a couple of t-shirts to pass on to my readers. I thought I'd add a couple of other items into the mix, and have a go at running my first giveaway. If you'd like a chance to win what you see below, read on!

Entering is easy. All you need to do is send an e-mail to with the subject "Giveaway #1" and an answer to the following question:

In what year did the Relics of the Force collection begin?
(Hint: the answer can easily be found on the My Collection page!)

Two winners will be randomly drawn on Wednesday 19th March at 10.00pm CST. First prize will receive everything seen above: a bookoo t-shirt (size M, L, or XL), a Stormtrooper dry-erase board with marker, a Stormtrooper journal, a Stormtrooper magnetic notepad, and an exclusive Relics of the Force sticker (not available in the online store). The runner-up will receive a bookoo t-shirt, a Stormtrooper magnetic notepad, and an exclusive Relics of the Force sticker.

Entries are open to anyone with a postal address in the continental US. Entries must be received by Wednesday 19th March 9.30pm CST. One entry per email address. Once you've entered, be sure to check out Houston bookoo or the bookoo site for your own city. It's a great place to pick up second-hand items, including some awesome Star Wars collectibles!

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!