HelloGreedo Charity Book Drive

Our favourite Star Wars YouTuber HelloGreedo has done it again. This holiday season he's spreading the Christmas cheer and using the proceeds from his online store to purchase books and comics for Wolfson's Children's Hospital. You can see more details in the video below.

HelloGreedo's got some great designs on offer, including an awesome "Happy Life Day" sweater just in time for Christmas. Be sure to head on over to his store and make a purchase before January 15th 2014. You'll be contributing to a fantastic cause, and getting some badass loot in the process.

Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

This morning I picked up this awesome t-shirt from my local Target for only $12.95US ($15.80NZ).

Relics of the Force General Mills Cereal Story Featured on Jedi News

Our good friends over at Jedi News have published a story based on my series of posts about the General Mills Cereal Star Wars pack-in promotion. You can check it out here.

Jedi News is one of my go-to sources for the latest Star Wars news. Be sure to pay them a visit and add them to your news digest!

General Mills Cereal Star Wars Pens (Yoda)

During my grocery shop this weekend I picked up another box of General Mills cereal and by a stroke of luck managed to get the one pen I needed to complete my collection - Yoda.

A Long Time Ago... When Less Was More

Up until now, hard facts about Star Wars: Episode VII have been thin on the ground. Other than details about the crew, the only official information we've received is that it's a Star Wars film set some time after Episode VI. In early 2014 principal photography will begin, and all of this will change. As the months go by we'll see a steady stream - nay, flood - of details hitting the web. In this age of immediate and ubiquitous information, it can be hard to remember just how different things used to be. In the late 1990s an internet connection was possible, but very rare (in New Zealand, at least). As we bore down on the release of the first prequel film, we relied on other sources for our information: snatches of television news items, unsourced rumours in the pages of Cinescape magazines, and the word of your best friend's sister's boyfriend who had spent the morning loading up the fledgling StarWars.com website on his brand new i-Mac.

This lack of information could be frustrating, but it also helped foster an enormous sense of anticipation around the film. Say what you will about the prequels, but it's hard to deny the excitement that accompanied the first Episode I trailer when it hit theatres. Fast-forward to 2005, and things had changed considerably. By the time Episode III hit theatres, the web was saturated with details of the film. Footage, photographs, and most major plot points were available on-demand for anyone who wanted them. I immersed myself in all of this, but realised (all too late unfortunately) just how much this stripped away the mystery and excitement surrounding the film's release. It became clear than when it came to details, less was more.

With this in mind, I've decided to try and stay as spoiler-free as possible for Episode VII. It'll be a challenge, especially given the number of Star Wars-related websites, forums, and YouTube channels I frequent. Some information will be unavoidable - the casting, for example, and anything contained in the trailers (I'm not missing those for the world). But outside of that, I'm hoping to stay as ignorant as possible about what the film will contain. We'll see how long my resolve lasts - how strong my clicking-finger can be as my mouse hovers over that link proclaiming "FIRST LEAKED EPISODE VII ON-SET IMAGES" - but I can only hope I have what it takes.

How about you? Are you planning to stay spoiler-free? Or will you be lapping up every juicy detail? Be sure to send me your thoughts at relicsoftheforce@gmail.com or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

Episode I 3 3/4" Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo)

Over the holiday season I'll be making some changes to my 3 3/4" figure display. Before I do this, I'm filling in a few gaps - namely, characters that I don't yet have. One of these is an Episode I  Obi-Wan Kenobi. In order to remedy this, I just picked one up from Amazon for $6.49US ($7.87NZ).

The Black Series 3 3/4" #01 Padme Amidala and #14 Mara Jade

Over the weekend I picked up two more figures from the 3 3/4" Black Series - #01 Padme Amidala and #14 Mara Jade.

These'll help fill a couple of gaps in my collection of 3 3/4" figures - and at $9.99US ($12.17NZ) they've cost me about half of what they would back home!

General Mills Cereal Star Wars Pens (Jango Fett)

I picked up another box of General Mills Cereal yesterday, and was lucky enough to find one of the pens I don't yet have packed inside - Jango Fett.

That means I'm only after Yoda to complete the set now. Chances are I'll get a bunch of doubles before finding him - but you know what they say...

"Never tell me the odds."

Chewbacca Christmas Stocking

After a tip-off from Rebelscum.com, I headed out to my local Target this morning to pick up a must-have item for the holiday season - a Chewbacca Christmas stocking!

These retail for $13.00US ($15.77NZ) and come in two additional designs - Darth Vader and R2-D2.

The Hunt Is On - The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Imperial Scanning Crew Special Action Figure Set Found

With only sporadic stock turning up at K-Mart, I bit the bullet earlier this week and ordered one of their exclusive Imperial Scanning Crew sets from Amazon for $32.85US ($39.84NZ). It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I can safely say that this is possible the coolest 3 3/4" figure purchase I've ever made.

This set has been on my huntlist ever since it was announced at Toy Fair 2013 back in February. In truth, however, I've been hanging out for this set since I got the bottom half of the scanning set with the Legacy Collection Imperial Scanning Crew figure back in 2009.

The detail in this new set is phenomenal. The box opens, revealing several pieces of movie-accurate scanning equipment, and the stormtrooper comes with some fantastic features including a detachable comlink and one of the new E-11 blaster rifles with a working folding stock. The fine folks over at Rebelscum.com have taken some excellent out of the box photosI can't recommend this set strongly enough. If you've been on the fence about it, go out and track one down right now - you won't be disappointed. Amazon still have a few in stock at the price I paid, otherwise you might be lucky enough to score one at your local K-mart for about $10 less.

Episode VII Release Date Announced

It's officialStar Wars: Episode VII will be hitting theatres on December 18th 2015! This will be the first Star Wars feature film to not be released during the summer - but I'm fine with that. Like most fans, I'm happy to wait a little longer for the film if it increases the odds of it being done right.

What do you think about this release date? Be sure to send your thoughts to me at relicsoftheforce@gmail.com, or tweet them to @Archon_Revuge!

General Mills Cereal Star Wars Pens (Darth Vader)

Another day, another trip to the grocery store - and one more General Mills Star Wars pen to add to my collection: Darth Vader!

General Mills Cereal Star Wars Pens (Anakin Skywalker, Clone Trooper, and Obi-Wan Kenobi)

I picked up three more boxes of General Mills cereal this morning and added another three pens from their pack-in promotion to my collection: Anakin Skywalker, Clone Trooper, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.