First Look at Star Wars Rebels Character "Chopper" has given us our first look at a new Star Wars Rebel character - a grumpy little astromech droid called "Chopper".

While the video doesn't give us any actual footage from the series, it does provide some excellent insight into the overall aesthetic we can expect from the show. The animation style looks very close to that seen in The Clone Wars (which makes sense, given the overlap in crew), but the producers seem to be doing an excellent job of drawing from the Original Trilogy for design inspiration. Chopper appears to be based on an early Ralph McQuarrie concept drawing of R2-D2 that saw release in action figure form back in 2007.

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I loved The Clone Wars, but given the OT-setting of this new show - and the classic look and feel the crew are trying to achieve - there's every chance that Star Wars Rebels could be even better.

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Darth Vader Phone Case

This week I switched over to a new phone, giving me the chance to pick up this awesome PowerA Darth Vader phone case from Amazon.

It's a great sturdy case, and all of the detailing is molded in coloured plastic as opposed to being merely printed on. PowerA make three other cases in this line, including R2-D2, C-3PO, and Chewbacca (with real fur!). You can check them all out here.

"Hunter" T-Shirt and Star Wars Sleepwear

New Zealand K-Mart stores currently have a very cool variety of Star Wars-branded clothing in stock. Last week, my partner surprised me with a Boba Fett "Hunter" t-shirt, and on a return visit I picked up a set of retro Star Wars pyjamas for just $20.00.

Someone's gonna be sleeping in style from now on!