The Child Plush Toy

While our tiny Black Series Child figure is all well and good, my wife and I knew from the outset that we would need at least one larger version of this character in our collection. After considering the many preorder options available late last year, we finally settled on Mattel's plush toy as the best option for displayability and playability. He arrived in the post a short while ago, and we couldn't be happier.

Mattel's take on The Child features a vinyl head and hands along with a weighted plush body that gives it just the right heft and malleability for display. His glossy eyes and lightly airbrushed skin add to the realism, making him the most accurately-detailed and scaled option available - excepting, of course, that phenomenal $420US ($625NZ) Hot Toys offering. At only $56.99AU ($62.30NZ) however, this was precisely The Child for us!