The Hunt Is On - The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Wave 13 Figures Found

Wave 13 of the Vintage Collection is indeed an unusual one - featuring a disparate mix of figures from A New Hope, Rogue One, and The Clone Wars. Of these, there were only two figures that made it on to my hunt list: VC167 Power Droid and VC168 Clone Commander Wolffe. Last week, I received both via EB Games for $24.99AU ($27.08NZ) each.

While Wolffe saw a 2015 Black Series release in his cold weather gear, this is his first release in his traditional armour. A removable helmet has also been added, revealing a Photo Real likeness of New Zealand's very own Temuera Morrison.

The Child Plush Toy

While our tiny Black Series Child figure is all well and good, my wife and I knew from the outset that we would need at least one larger version of this character in our collection. After considering the many preorder options available late last year, we finally settled on Mattel's plush toy as the best option for displayability and playability. He arrived in the post a short while ago, and we couldn't be happier.

Mattel's take on The Child features a vinyl head and hands along with a weighted plush body that gives it just the right heft and malleability for display. His glossy eyes and lightly airbrushed skin add to the realism, making him the most accurately-detailed and scaled option available - excepting, of course, that phenomenal $420US ($625NZ) Hot Toys offering. At only $56.99AU ($62.30NZ) however, this was precisely The Child for us! 

The Hunt Is On - The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Wave 12 Figures Found

I was unsure whether the latest 'Fan Channel Exclusive' Vintage Collection repack wave would make it to Australian shores (it ultimately did, thanks to EB Games and MightyApe), so I pulled the trigger early and picked up the three figures for less than RRP on the secondary market.

Wave 12 of the Vintage Collection sees the re-release of four highly sought-after figures. While I was able to give the C-3PO a miss, I did pick up VC04 Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues), VC47 Lando Calrissian (General), and VC50 Han Solo (Bespin Outfit). All three figures feature Photo Real face treatment - though with varying results. While Lando and Han look great, there's something slightly... off about Luke's appearance. This tends to be a common issue when Photo Real is applied to older headsculpts (compared with the outstanding accuracy that can be achieved when Hasbro apply Photo Real to a specially-designed sculpt).

The Black Series 6" The Child

As a dyed-in-the-wool 3 3/4" collector, I've largely avoided releases in Hasbro's larger-scale 6" Black Series line. There are the occasional exceptions, and my continued impatience with Hasbro's failure to release (or even announce) a Child for the 3 3/4" Vintage Collection line has driven me to dabble in the Black Series once again - recently picking up their version of The Child for $20.00AU ($21.34NZ).

Coming in at only 1.1", The Child may just be the most adorable Star Wars figure yet created by Hasbro. Despite his diminutive stature, he still manages to boast an impressive seven points-of-articulation, featuring ball-jointed feet, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel wrists, and a ball-jointed head. He also comes with three accessories: a frog, a bowl of bone broth, and the Razor Crest control lever knob he's so fond of playing with. These tiny accessories come packed in their own clear acrylic display case - an absolute necessity if you hope to avoid losing that near-microscopic lever knob. My one bone (broth) of contention is that the The Child is largely incapable of interacting with these accessories. You'll need to use some kind of adhesive if you want him to have any chance of holding either the hold either the bowl or knob in his hands.

The Hunt Is On - The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Wave 11 Figures Found

Yes, they're finally here! Almost five months after the The Mandalorian series debut, we finally have the chance to own characters from the show in Hasbro's legacy toy scale. Wave 11 of The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" line includes VC164 Cara Dune, VC165 Remnant Stormtrooper, and VC166 The Mandalorian, and I was recently able to nab all three for $24.99AU ($26.51NZ) a piece.

Honestly, I was a little concerned as to whether I'd be able to get my hands on these. EB Games is now the only brick-and-mortar store in Australia stocking the Vintage Collection, and tends to receive only a case or two of each wave. Online purchasing had been similarly dire, with previous waves only being sold by random assortment. It's for this reason that I've been resorting more and more to the secondary market for new releases. Then EB Games went and did something wonderful: starting with wave 10, their online store began listing new releases by individual figure. I was able to preorder all three figures shortly after they were listed online, and couldn't have been happier to see them finally arrive last week.

Hot Wheels Commemorative Series Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike

Last Christmas, my wife surprised me with the entire first wave of the highly sought-after Hot Wheels Commemorative Series starships. The second wave is yet to turn up in brick-and-mortar stores here in Australia, but thanks to a recent Amazon order from the US I was able to get my hands on the first vehicle from that wave: a Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike.

Although he looks great straight out of the box, I gave him the same Citadel Nuln Oil treatment I gave to the first wave. It's a simple customisation, but one that makes all of the tiny little details stand out even more.

Lego 75265, 75270, and 75271 Tatooine Sets

Given the dearth of new 3 3/4" figures hitting stores, I've been exploring other ways of getting my collecting fix. To that end, my wife and I have been delving more into Lego's Star Wars offerings as of late. We recently picked up a wonderful trio of new Tatooine-themed sets: 75265 T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters, 75270 Obi-Wan's Hut, and 75271 Luke's Skywalker's Landspeeder.

Retailing at $44.99 each, Obi-Wan's Hut and Luke's Landspeeder are designed as a particularly synergistic coupling - the combined pair providing you with the full quartet of Obi-Wan, Luke, C-3PO, and R2-D2 (as well as a second ponchoed Luke for variety). Also included are a pair of native Tatooine denizens - a Tusken Raider in 75270 and a Jawa in 75271. Luke's Landspeeder gives us an incredibly detailed upgrade on previous Lego iterations of this vehicle, complete with a rifle mount and nifty opening cargo compartment.

Medal of Bravery Replica

While my collecting focus is largely centred on 3 3/4" action figures and Micro Machines, I've always harboured a soft spot for any kind of in-universe items (particularly those beyond the usual - and repetitive - toy weapon and helmet offerings). My wife has become incredibly good at scratching this particular itch, and did so again when she surprised me with this Medal of Bravery replica for Valentine's Day this year.

Cast from solid metal and featuring a high-quality ribbon, this metal carries the exact kind of heft you would expect from the real thing. Featured prominently in the closing scene of A New Hope - and now given extra meaning by The Rise of Skywalker - this medal will make a wonderful display piece alongside the golden sabacc dice my wife gave me for my birthday last year.

The Hunt Is On - The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Wave 10 Figures Found

I was lucky enough to find a small assortment of the Triple Force Friday wave of Vintage Collection figures at my local EB Games. Sadly - and somewhat predictably - the next wave (Wave 10) proved much harder to find. There were three figures from this wave on my hunt list: VC150 Princess Leia Organa (Yavin), VC162 Sith Trooper, and VC163 Shadow Trooper. While I finally managed to find the Sith Trooper at retail, I had to resort to the online secondary market to secure the other two.

As usual with The Vintage Collection, this wave provides us with another excellent trio of Vfigures. Leia is an upgraded of version of the (previously Walmart exclusive) Black Series figure from 2015 - now with improved articulation and that wonderful Photo Real face treatment. The Sith Trooper, on the other hand, is an entirely new figure and represents (only) the sixth 3 3/4" figure we've received from The Rise of Skywalker. Featuring phenomenal articulation and a unique pair of weapons, he'll make a great addition to my First order forces.

Lego 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack

Let's be honest - everyone loves The Mandalorian. Despite this (or, perhaps, for this very reason) Mandalorian merchandise has been hard to come by. The 6" Black Series Mandalorian and the Hot Wheels Razor Crest are nowhere to be found, and we won't be seeing any 3 3/4" Mandalorian figures until at least April. For that reason, I pounced on the one (also very sought-after) piece of Mandalorian merchandise I've come across - the Lego 75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack.

Retailing at $22.99AU ($23.97NZ), this set comes with four uniquely decorated Mandalorians (two male and two female) from the enclave on Nevarro. The detailing on each is phenomenal, with three of the four even featuring printed leg pieces. Also included are four fabric capes, four rangefinders, and four visors; allowing you to customise each figure according to your own preferences.

Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Premiere (December 2019)

It feels like The Rise of Skywalker (TRoS) has been a long time coming. But in other ways, it seems like only yesterday that the sequel trilogy began with The Force Awakens. However you do the math, the end of the Skywalker Saga is an historic event: the final chapter in a nine-film saga spanning over forty-two years of film-making. Fortunately, our local cinema went all-out to mark this auspicious occasion - celebrating the midnight premiere with Star Wars-themed cocktails, a costume competition, and a "cantina band" playing all of the tunes we know and love.

Of course, given the enormity of the task faced by TRoS, there was no way this film was ever going to be all things for all people. Fortunately for my wife and I... it was. Sure, it packs an enormous amount into its 2 hour 22 minute runtime - whisking us from one exotic locale to the next at almost breakneck speed. But, for me, it never feels rushed. In fact, my very first comment to my wife upon leaving the cinema was just how satisfying the pacing was. While The Last Jedi is one of my favourite films of the saga, there's no denying that there were moments when the film seemed to drag. Such is never the case in TRoS, and I was astonished at how quickly the near two-and-a-half hour film flew by.

Lego 75136 Droid Escape Pod

Today's post comes on behalf of my wife. A few years back, she missed out on the Lego 75136 Droid Escape Pod set and has been searching for it ever since. After a little hunting, I managed to track one down and surprise her on Christmas Day. She just completed the build, so I thought I'd take the chance to grab a few photos and share our thoughts.

All up, this is one of the nicest Star Wars builds I've seen in a long time. Lego does all it can to keep the prices of these mid-size sets down, but often this means they come out feeling a little light on parts - lacking density and seeming a little fragile as a result. Not so here, however. The construction is tightly packed and sturdy as hell. It feels like this pod really could survive a crash landing.

The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary

As has become tradition, the week following the release of a new Star Wars film means one thing: poring over the details contained of a brand new Visual Dictionary. I managed to pick up my copy of this essential Rise of Skywalker companion via MightyApe for just $25.00AU (NZ).

Those of you familiar with these wonderful tomes will already know what to expect: endless details, trivia, and minutiae from the film - all accompanied by author Pablo Hidalgo's acerbic wit. This entry is no different. Countless threads are drawn between TRoS and what has come before - including more references to the Legends Expanded Universe than ever before.

Hot Wheels Commemorative Series Wave 1 Vehicles

My completionist nature means I'm loath to start collecting entirely new lines of Star Wars collectibles. That's why - despite my obsession with miniature Star Wars vehicles - I've largely avoided delving into the new Hot Wheels starship line. My wife knows my strange collecting idiosyncrasies better than anyone, however, so surprised me this Christmas with the first wave of the Hot Wheels Commemorative Series - a limited line that's very satisfyingly capped at only nine vehicles.

The Commemorative Series features one iconic vehicle from each of the films in the Skywalker Saga. This first wave covers episodes I through V, and includes a Naboo Starfighter from The Phantom Menace, a Republic Attack Gunship from Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan Kenobi's ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter from Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter from A New Hope, and Boba Fett's Slave I from The Empire Strikes Back. Each vehicle is painted in a gorgeous uniform silver, and comes atop a sturdy transparent display stand that bears the symbol of the ship's main affiliation.

Lego 75245 2019 Advent Calendar

After making excuses for many years, I finally decided to splurge on a Lego Star Wars advent calendar this holiday season. Having just finished my 24th day of tiny builds, I'm now left with only one question: Why didn't I do this a long time ago?

In short, these calendars are a phenomenal amount of fun. I mean, who doesn't want to wake up each morning to a mystery Lego build? They also provide amazing bang for your buck. While prices varied by retailer, I was able to nab mine from Kmart for only $34.00AU ($36.19NZ). This year's calendar contained seven minifigures (ten, if you count the mynock, gonk droid, and porg). That's the kind of minifigure count you usually only see on sets north of $150. On top of this, you get nine miniature vehicles, three micro-scale pieces of terrain, and a couple of buildable accessories for your minifigures. These builds come from throughout the filmic saga, and provide a nice representation of both heroes and villains (as shown above).

Hallmark Keepsake Lego C-3PO Christmas Tree Ornament

It's become something of a tradition to receive a new Star Wars Hallmark Keepsake Christmas tree ornament from my parents each birthday. This year, it was a Lego C-3PO - released to mark the 20th anniversary of Lego's Star Wars line (has it really been that long?!)

Threepio is the latest in a line of Lego Star Wars characters that have been immortalised as ornaments (including the Lego Darth Vader I received from my parents some years ago). He's sculpted with Hallmark's usual stunning attention to detail, and will make a great addition to my growing collection of Keepsake ornaments!

Solo Dice Prop Replica

I'm an absolute sucker for any sort of in-universe Star Wars item. Sadly, Lucasfilm doesn't license a whole lot of these items (weapon and helmet replicas being the one exception). It should come as no surprise, then, that I've been pining for a pair of golden sabacc dice ever since seeing Solo. Unfortunately they never showed up in my neck of the woods, and an attempt to buy a pair online earlier this year fell through.

Enter my awesome wife - who managed to track down a pair for my birthday last week. They're a fantastic little trinket made from a sturdy metal that carries a surprising heft. They've also been hit with a wash that gives them that signature "used universe" Star Wars feel. For now they're adorning our Christmas tree, but I suppose that - come the New Year - I'll have to get started on finding a suitable starship cockpit from which to hang them...

More Loose Legacy Collection and Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Figures

It's been rather quiet on the collecting front since Triple Force Friday. During the lull, I've turned my attention back towards filling gaps in my collection of super-articulated 3 3/4" Original Trilogy figures. Last week I was finally able to remedy two glaring omissions: The Legacy Collection BD34 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi and The Vintage Collection VC27 Wicket.

Released in 2008 and 2010 respectively, these figures still represent the definitive version of each of these characters. As such, they now tend to go for a pretty penny on the secondary market. Fortunately, I happened to chance across both at close to their original RRP - a great deal for a great pair of figures!

The Rise of Skywalker Theatrical Trailer Released

After weeks of rumours about its impending release, the full (and final) theatrical trailer for The Rise of Skywalker premiered today during Monday Night Football. You can check it out below:

The internet is already rife with endless analyses of this two-and-a-half minutes of footage, but I think its best to let a trailer this good speak for itself. One thing's for certain, though - it absolutely nails the poignancy of this movie not only being the last film in the sequel trilogy, but also the final chapter of the decade-spanning Skywalker Saga. I'm not ashamed to admit it had both my wife and I shedding a few tears.

What are your thoughts on the theatrical trailer for The Rise of Skywalker? Be sure to let us know via Facebook or Twitter, or by sending an email to!

The Hunt Is On - The Vintage Collection 3 3/4" Exclusive Luke Skywalker and Yoda Figures Found

Along with a smattering of new Vintage Collection Rise of Skywalker figures on Triple Force Friday, Hasbro has continued churning out updated versions of several older Vintage Collection figures. Among these are a new Yavin Ceremony Luke Skywalker exclusive to Walmart and a Dagobah Luke and Yoda exclusive to Target. It's unclear when - if ever - these figures will turn up on Australian shores, so I was rapt to be able to nab the trio on the secondary market for less than RRP.

The Walmart exclusive VC151 Luke Skywalker (Yavin) is a repaint and Photo Real update of the Black Series #5 Luke Skywalker I picked up in Houston back in 2013. The Dagobah Luke and Yoda are similar updates to the Black Series #21 Luke Skywalker #22 Yoda from 2014. Luke has again been given the Photo Real treatment, while Yoda has received additional articulation and a new (more accurate) head sculpt. These two figures come in a Target exclusive "Cave of Evil" three pack - though I have no interest in the third (Vader with Luke's face), so I was incredibly happy to be able to pick up the Luke and Yoda on their own.