Vintage Collection 3 3/4" VC98 Grand Moff Tarkin and VC100 Starkiller (Vader's Apprentice)

On Monday I dropped into my local Toyworld store and discovered that they were getting rid of their old Vintage Collection figures at a ridiculously cheap price. Normally selling for $24.99 each, these figures were now two for $12.99. Most were peg-warmers, but among the mix I managed to find a Grand Moff Tarkin and - most surprisingly of all - a lone Starkiller.

I'm particularly excited about the Starkiller figure. He made it on to my Hunt List some time ago, but - given his rarity, and the exorbitant price he was demanding on the second-hand market - I soon resigned myself to going without. It's nice to finally have one to add to my collection!